Monday, November 10, 2008

Maybe I'm paranoid...

My TV show lineup seems to be hostile towards the vegan crowd lately. Last night, Amy on True Blood was shown saying, "I'm an organic vegan and my carbon footprint is minuscule," while simultaneously stealing blood from a helpless vampire [[Milton from Office Space!]]. The message they're sending cannot be a good one. Beyond that two weeks ago on How I Met Your Mother, Ted's old fiance Stella took over her sister's wedding when her sister's plans fell through. The wedding ceremony was set up for a couple of vegans. It was outdoors, very pretty, with a bar-- except it was a wheat grass bar [[like vegans can't drink?]]. Stella's sister also mentioned not shaving. I know everyone likes to align veganism with this progressive movement-- but don't lump me in with grungy hippies.

Either we're ape-shit psychos, or dirty and straight-edged. And I'm not liking it.


Oh and PS why does the vegan have to be the drug addict? The heavy-handed reference to pot-headed hippies is getting bothersome. I never considered myself, nor aspired to be, a militant vegan, but this is just getting old.

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Andrew Warner said...

Yeah. People love to drink the vegan haterade.

At least we give people of all political backgrounds and ideologies something to join together and hate...

I never set out to be a militant vegan either, but it's become increasingly clear over my years of veganism: Meat-eaters are illogical, inconsiderate, selfish, and arrogant (and no, telling it how it is does not make me or all vegans pretentious).