Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ever been to Bodega Cafe?

If you're sick of the uppity vibe of On The Fly and just want a good salad or sandwich with a micro-brewed beer in a casual hipster scene, you should go to Bodega Cafe. As a hybrid restaurant, their waiters and waitresses are pretty in touch with what's vegan-- ours knew to mention that whey was in one of the breads, a far cry from most waiters. Although, I recommend you be specific about your veganism. They'll put butter on your side bread, or cheese on your salad if you're not too careful. Andrew had a spinach salad WITHOUT feta and with mandarins, shallots, red onions, Roma tomatoes, and a cilantro-lime vinaigrette. Their multi-grain bread seems to be their only vegan option from what we gathered, but you can ask if you go in. I had a tempeh salad sandwich, slabbed with lots of vegenaise [[which is awesome??]] and a side salad with romaine, red onions, and Roma tomatoes and a delicious vinaigrette. You can also get chips and pickle as a side. They had a few other vegan menu items, like a hummus sandwich that could be made vegan, or a roasted vegetable sandwich, and some other salads.

Andrew's spinach salad

My tempeh salad sandwich

The wait was long. It was a nice day in Columbus, and all the restaurants were packed in the Short North. I'm sure it was the sudden surge in business that they weren't ready for. But even so, it was a long wait. The bread was also a bit dry, but not enough to sabotage the sandwich completely.

I know I said we weren't going to eat out any more. But we were over there on business, and all Andrew had was a spinach salad. What could be unhealthy about that?

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