Thursday, April 7, 2011

Isa's Chickpea Picatta

isas chickpea piccata
My version

One of my favorite "fancy" things to make is a picatta - whether it be seitan cutlets or gardein. So, when I saw in Isa's new cookbook "Appetite for Reduction" that she had revamped her recipe to be around 400 calories, I was pretty amped. The white wine sauce and all the mashed potatoes with tons of earth balance of the standard picatta is quite indulgent, albeit delicious, but maybe more indulgent than I would like.

Isa uses chickpeas instead of a faux meat product and a whopping 1 tsp of olive oil. The bases of the sauce is mostly vegetable broth with a touch of bread crumbs to thicken it (instead of flour). Instead of your standard mashed potatoes, she makes "caulipots" - steamed cauliflowers mashed with potatoes and a little vegetable broth. A little wilted arugula adds a nice bite, as well.

Anyway, it's really good and very low calorie, so I would check it out. View the recipe at And then buy the book on amazon!


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