Thursday, January 8, 2009

Andy's Mom & a Rachel Ray Recipe

Andy's mom cracks me up. She's a woman who loves blue cheese dressing and grilled cheese sandwiches, but gets angry when you say that's all she eats. She doesn't like rice, or Chinese, or Indian, or Mexican-- the list goes on. The funny thing is, she'll try to prove us wrong, by going out to eat at places we like, or like last night when she made Indian food. She loves Rachel Ray, so naturally when Ray made an Indian dish, she had to try it.

She made a spiced lamb chop [[seitan for us]] with sautéed peppers and onions with mint and garlic couscous [[recipe here, just sub vegetable stock for the chicken]]. Before that, she made a chick pea soup with fire roasted potatoes [[recipe here]]. It was all really good-- i liked everything. I was amazed at his mom's growth, until I realized, she didn't eat anything. She hated the soup; she hated the couscous. The only thing she liked was the lamb. It made me sad to see Karen hate what she made, but maybe some people, at a certain point, are completely unable to change. Although, I find it far more likely that people are just unwilling.

Either way, if you chop up the seitan into little, bite-sized pieces and really rub that spice mixture in, and grill it until it's really crispy-- it's delicious. I adored the couscous, and the veggies were standard. The soup is great with a little soy yogurt and lots of whole wheat pita. Try it out.


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