Thursday, January 15, 2009

Petri Dish Chickens

In an attempt to create food for space travel, NASA has created chicken meat grown from a petri dish. Although this is incredibly innovative, and probably a good thing, it creeps me out to all hell. I get "I Am Legend" visions of apocalyptic endings all for the love of this flavorless meat product. To top it off, PETA awards cash prizes to whomever invents this real "fake" meat? I can appreciate the gesture I guess-- I'm just not that eager to eat meat again. I'm sure it'd inadvertently turn meat eaters into cruelty-free eaters. I doubt it would end the use of farm animals though-- I imagine many chef frowning upon this petri meat. Any thoughts?

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1 comment:

Andrew Warner said...

the only thing i can't tell is if it is going to grow living chickens, or just chicken meat...

the moral implications seem boggling... but like you said, not really in the mood to eat meat regardless. No desire anymore.