Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sushi Time!

I love sushi. I hated it for years. Fish was gross, then I loved it, and a year later I'm vegan. No more deep fried scallops or spicy tuna with that spicy mayo they put on it. For a while Andy and I were going to Akai Hana. They have this really delicious tofu dynamite roll, avocado rolls, cucumber rolls, and my beloved edamame. Our favorite was this vegetable croquette, that we have recently discovered has milk in it. That was the best thing about the place, so we sort of stopped going there. Now that I'm back in sushi withdraws, I'm venturing to make my own vegetable croquette rolls and my own spicy mustard/mayo sauce. And some day soon, I'd like to make vegetable scallop [[check them out]] rolls!

So, tonight or tomorrow night I'm trying them out. I'm going to try to concoct a vegan croquette, and spicy mayo, and make the most amazing vegan sushi ever. Hopefully. ;)

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