Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bobby Flay - Tofu and Mushrooms

Bobbly Flay is far from vegan. Months ago I posted about his cookbook and how I was going to veganize all his recipes. Well I got about 2 done and then I had to return the book to the library. I don't even have the recipe for this any more. But if you ever wanted to try his shit-- check out his sauces. They're mostly peppers and oil. And all of them can easily sub agave nectar for honey. His 16 spice rub -- or whatever number of spices are in there -- is really good on tofu. All in all, if you want some Southwestern flavor, I'd check out his book Mesa Grill and play around with it. It's fun. It's hard for me to idolize a cook that murders, but veganizing his food keeps me hopeful that one day he'll "throw down" a vegan or that one day I can be that awesome AND vegan. Some pictures for your enjoyment:

The finished product, 16 spice tofu, ancho-mushroom sauce, wild rice, green beans, and cilantro oil

Some dried Ancho chilies. Mild heat, for the mushroom sauce

The spice rub, mostly various chili powders

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