Friday, June 12, 2009

New Documentary: Food Inc.

Peter Pringle came on Bill Maher recently to talk about his book "Food Inc". I have not read the book yet, however, from the interview, it seems that the book aims to expose some of the truths about much of the industry that we as vegans hate. The meat industry, the corporate greed, the lies.

Check out their website and this trailer. The movie came out today, however, it's not in Columbus yet. I'll keep you posted if I see it around here.


Babs said...

I have the book, and it's really just a companion guide to the movie, with some essays on the various topics addressing issues brought up in the movie.

I am planning on seeing this movie when it comes to my area in July. I'm bringing my sister and sisters in law with me, and we may even eat at the Moosewood restaurant afterward.:)

I think it's an important movie (I've blogged about it); this is a critical issue that concerns everyone, not just vegans. People just don't realize how corrupt the system has gotten, and as a result, how unhealthy and poisoned the food supply has become.

I think that this documentary MUST be allowed to play to a wider audience so that everyone can have the chance to see it, it is that important.

Babs said...

Oops, my mistake. I was talking about this book, by the same title!

Food, Inc.