Wednesday, August 13, 2008

About Me

Hey, my name is Tracy. I became vegan in May of 2008 after I made a drunken bet with my then-boyfriend that being vegan was easy. My "last meal" was a large plate of greasy nachos from a bar that I threw up all over his parent's house that night. It smelt for months, and yes, it was embarrassing. I'm not a puker, I swear.

The bet that was supposed to be a month turned into a complete lifestyle change. At the time, Andrew was moving out to Berkeley to live with me [[I was going to school, studying to be a dentist]], which made it especially easy for me to transition. Great vegan places were walking distance from our place.

When I decided to end my biology studies and ditch the sorority at UC Berkeley, we hopped on a 3-day greyhound to Ohio where I said goodbye to California... for now. I lived there my entire life and moving to the mid-west was a huge transition, beyond just the weather. I found comfort in knowing that great vegan spots weren't too far from my new home.

I never cooked much before I was vegan, and now it feels like an ongoing science experiment. What's healthiest, how can I recreate this or that-- I'm constantly learning and find joy in discovering amazing flavors in healthy food.

Beyond the kitchen... I like to play Left 4 Dead 2 on xbox, watch movies/great tv, take trips, lounge by the pool, shop/read about fashion, watch UFC, practice kung fu, read, and run, do yoga, work out in general. I'm 21, but I think I come off a lot older, or at least that's what people tell me. I love the arts, so I'm slowly learning more about photography and you can see the difference in my photos. I've been casually drawing and experimenting with pottery, also. Anyway, enjoy the blog and feel free to contact me!


Have any questions? Just wanna talk about cool stuff?
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courtneyrogers said...

cant wait for more info...very interesting & very impressive! bring in some cheesecake sooooon :)

Michal said...

Hello : )
your from ohio - thats amazing so am I! Only I live in youngstown. Have you ever been to the Flaming Ice Cube out in Canfield? If you ever get a chance to go out that way you will love it, their food it amazing!

Michal (lilearthmuffin)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,
I just moved from Columbus, and discovered your blog this morning...spent a couple hours reading it. Your recipes look awesome! Can't wait to try them. :)
A fun day trip for you and your husband might be to go to Waynesville OH (Dayton area). There's a great kayaking place just north of there, a state park to the east, and an excellent mostly-vegetarian restaurant on Main St. called Cobblestone Village and Cafe; they have some vegan dishes and are willing to accommodate special vegan requests.
Great blog! Wish I'd gotten to know you while I was in Columbus.
St. Thomas, Vigin Islands

Tony Reed said...

Love your candor! It's not easy being a vegan, but I prefer use our status as outsiders as a motivator.

Meaning.. how sad is it that so few of us value the positive benefits of veganism, most notably that we're saving animals' lives? The reactions and awkawardness are precisely the reason why we need to continue making the right (vegan) choices. If we don't, who will? Can I get a witness?! :)

Ally said...

It's quite a funny story about how I found this blog! I just bought chipotle couscous at an organic grocery store (I'm eating it as I type!) and I freaked out for a minute because I wasn't sure if it was vegan! So I typed the question into google, "is chipotle couscous vegan?" and your blog was the first result! So, I read your recipe for burrito con seitan. It sounds delicious! I have been a vegan for 6 years, since I was 12. So I am 18 now, and a freshmen at the University of Iowa. I am actally also from the mid-west, a suburb of Chicago to be specific. It always amazes me to find things like this on the internet. I remember how difficult it was 6 years ago to be vegan, not just because I was 12 and had little means of getting food except through my parents, but also because there wasn't a wide vegan (or vegetarian for that matter) community out there. I love to encourage people to continue things like this! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes. I probably won't have a chance to try them until Winter break (when I go home to a stove and oven!) since I am living in a dorm, but hopefully when I get an apartment next year I can try many more of your recipes! Thank you again! I'll be subscribing!
- Ally Masterson.

Vegan Newlyweds said...

Funny you came from California to Columbus, Ohio...we are considering going TO California from Columbus, Ohio! I don't know that I could give up having all these Buckeye fans around, but the that's a different story.

Anonymous said...

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