Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When somone tells you being vegan is unhealthy...

Andy sent me an article about calories from the NY times [[we like that publication, can you tell?]] about the resurgence of the low cal diet. I find it interesting because it has a quote from a doctor [[Dr. Terry Eagan, a Los Angeles psychologist-- he works on people with eating disorders]] saying, "I know some people want something that’s sexy and different and new, but there really isn’t anything new about weight loss." And that got me thinking about veganism-- which is somewhat new and sexy, at least to me-- and perhaps that could help aid the rise of the low cal fad again.

As it turns out, for the most part, calorie content is the same. I did a side by side of a chicken sandwich made with mayo and chicken (really the only distinctly non-vegan items) versus a seitan (chicken-style) sandwich made with vegenaise.

* There are 17 more calories in Chicken Sandwich
* Vegenaise has the same about of calories as Best-foods Mayonnaise
* In a 3 oz. serving of chicken roasted with no skin there are 26.7 g. of protein, while in a 3 oz. serving of chicken-style seitan there are 24 g. of protein
* There are 78 mg. of cholesterol in a chicken sandwich versus a seitan sandwich, which has zero

So, even though I learned that the food isn't really all that better for you calorie-wise, I did learn that if anyone ever tells you vegans don't get enough protein-- you can tell them they're wrong. Beyond that-- you never have to worry about high cholesterol-- and THAT'S sexy.


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Andrew Warner said...

Sexy? What?

Besides that, this comparison is only for vegans who eat like meat-eaters. If you actually eat real fruits and vegetables the differences are going to be far more apparent.