Friday, November 14, 2008

Yellow Springs, OH

This weekend Andrew and I are going to Yellow Springs, OH. We're staying at this bed and breakfast, the Aurthur Morgan House. It's pretty exciting for us, because, well, firstly, they know what vegan means and, secondly, they are graciously accommodating-- of course they can provide vegan food options. So, we're staying in the Owl's Nest room, which has a chemical free organic mattress with oxygen pillows [[I thought it was something nifty and green, but it turns out it's just like memory foam pillows]]. The town is home of Antioch, a grade-free [[ie: pass/no pass]] college specializing in community education. It's pretty small over all-- it's just a nice community of progressive thought and great vegan eating options. More to come on it after this weekend.

Also, I have my photos of my sugar cookies [[yes, the pink one says 'i love andy']]-- I'll post further with the recipe and some advice later.

And Andy's 'cheesy steak' with my jalapeno poppers of death!

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