Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eating Meat Raises Health Care Costs?

A recent article discusses how switching to a vegetarian diet could save the Big Three from failure. The rise in obesity has created a rise in health care costs that are putting businesses under. Some suspect that a low-fat vegetarian diet could lower the propensity of diabetes and other obesity related illnesses. Read on.

The way I see it, if I had to choose between two identical applicants for a job, and I offered health care, I would choose the healthier one. I think that's an interesting point this article makes. There's more incentive to good health besides your own life-- helping the business you work for not go under is a good one. Could you imagine how frustrating it would be to offer such benefits to your employees and have it royally screw you over? I love the fact that this article suggests cutting back on meat. So often I see veganism and vegetarianism portrayed as silly and so unusual-- it's exciting to see it shown as a viable option to people. It's also exciting to see some truth posted-- these diets won't kill you, and they are in fact better for you.


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