Monday, January 26, 2009

Adventures in Great Chefs Cook Vegan

I've started the task of trying to make as many things from this book as possible. Beginning with the more basic dishes [[which are sometimes the best tasting]], and working my way to lengthy, more complex dishes. Thursday night of last week, I made dinner for Andy's parents. Since a lot of the dishes in this book are small, almost appetizers, I had to make something else with it. So, I thought a great combo would be Isa's Seitan Piccata with green beans [[from the Veganomicon]] and some Yukon Gold garlic mashed potatoes-- one of her fancier and more delicious dishes-- and the Bruschetta from Great Chefs Cook Vegan. It turned out pretty spectacular -- Andy's dad said it was the best Bruschetta he ever had, a big compliment from a man who sparsely compliments at all.

The AMAZING Bruschetta:

The Piccata sauce reducing:

The simplicity of the Bruschetta really enforced the need to have really fresh ingredients. Although I couldn't find purple basil, we had some fresh bakery sour dough and all organic produce. I was surprised that the tomatoes looked so pretty, too, with how out of season they are. It all made it very delicious.

Sunday night we made a Cat Cora recipe, with Isa's Ethiopian Seitan with Peppers-- and since I don't have the pictures uploads, I'll post more on THAT dish tomorrow.

If you have Great Chefs Cook Vegan, though, I HIGHLY recommend you try this. Everyone seems to be whining about how hard the recipes look, but this one was very manageable and fast. Give it try! You'll love it!


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