Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top Chef Let Down

[[If you haven't watched the season finale top chef yet, don't READ!]]

Top Chef SUCKS. As far as I'm concerned, it was Stefan's competition to win-- and if not, DEFINITELY Carla's. But no, stupid chef Tom and Padma went for mediocre, boring, annoying Hosea. It's bad enough we had to watch the stupid love affair between him and Leah all season, but then he had to win.

To watch Carla second guess herself was painful. She was so awesome, and talented and was the nicest person on that dang show. Stefan even grew on me! I loved what a papa bear he was to Carla in the end when she started to cry, because she knew she lost it. I'm convinced that the former contestant was a plant to destroy her-- I'm just so sad Carla took the bait.

And I couldn't agree more with Toby Young's after thoughts on the show -- it should have gone to Stefan, or at least it should have been a tougher decision. It didn't appear to me that Hosea did that much better-- and beyond that, their dissatisfaction with Stefan's dessert seemed unwarranted. Their only issue seemed to be the fact that the dish looked too 1980's -- but how bad could chocolate mousse be?

In the end, their minds seemed to be set on NOT giving it to Stefan. Chef Tom definitely had some sort of vendetta against Stefan.

For more thoughts from Judge Toby Young go here.

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