Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 6 and Mascara Reviews

Breakfast: 1/3 cup Ezekiel Golden Flax cereal with organic blueberries and 1/3 cup vanilla rice milk; organic decaf green tea
Lunch: Southwestern Breakfast wrap from Clintonville Community Market
Snack: clif bar
Work Out: 45 minutes of cardio - running/walking
Dinner: [[all organic]] Black bean burger on a whole wheat bun with vegenaise, ketchup, and sracha and a side spinach and arugula salad with 1/4 of a tomato chopped, 1/4 avocado chopped, 1 Tb. onions chopped, and Seeds of Change red pepper dressing
Snack: organic banana

Clintonville Southwestern Breakfast wrap

As you can see, we're been making a lot of packaged things, just because it's easier. But if I can ensure it's vegan and organic, I'm ok with that. As long as it lifts some of the cooking load off of me. The point was to avoid restaurants [[since you never really know what they put in there-- a plate of pasta can have 1500 calories]], to avoid sugars, soda, caffeine, inorganic items, and overly processed/deep fried/heart killing foods. I think we've remained successful.

We bought some vegan multi vitamins and I needed more mascara so I decided to change it up. I had been using BWC's mascara, but if you've ever used it, it's not very thick or dark, so I'd have to put about 10 layers on just get a little volume. It's a problem that occurs with a lot of vegan mascara since the animal fat is removed. I switched to Zuzu's mascara and it's AMAZING. It's really think and lasts long and I only need one layer. The black is also REALLY black, but I like it. I get the Onyx color from VeganStore . You can also go to their website, where they have their whole make up line.

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