Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Smoked Paprika Potatoes

Happy Earth Day everyone. I like to think of today as a vegan's day. If you've already made the switch to being awesome, take today to relish in it and do what you always do for the world. And probably more because you're that cool. And if you haven't gone vegan yet, what better day is there than today?

I'm sure we all know the little things we can do to make the earth beautiful, like switching to CFL bulbs and eating organic, but check out There are tons of volunteer opportunities and events to check out, so go look.

[[Smoked Paprika Potatoes]]
Here's a really simple, almost insultingly simple, recipe. It's so good though. I had to share it.

* 3-4 washed organic yukon gold potatoes
* ABOUT 2-3 cups water with a little salt
* ABOUT 1 Tbs. organic whole wheat flour
* ABOUT 1 Tbs. organic smoked paprika [[see picture]]
* ABOUT 2 Tbs. grapeseed oil [[see picture]]
* a little salt and pepper

-- Pre-heat oven to 375 F.
-- Use Veggie Wash or whatever you have to clean your organic yukon golds. You can peel them but I like to keep the skin on for added nutrients. Boil for about 15-20 minutes until you can somewhat pierce with a fork. You're baking them so they don't have to be perfect yet.
-- Chop them into about 1'' wedges. Sprinkle to lightly coat them with whole wheat flour. Then, sprinkle to coat them with the paprika. Top with a little salt and pepper.
-- Get a casserole dish, and pour oil in. If you don't want to use grapeseed, just make sure it's a high heat oil like canola or something. You don't have to use the whole about, just make sure it's a shallow pool for the potatoes to fry in. Place potatoes in and top with a few more shakes of smoked paprika.
-- Place in oven and cook about 15-20 minutes, until crispy and tender. Make sure you flip them during the cooking process so both sides get coated.

Left: the potatoes with flour. Right: the potatoes with flour and smoke paprika

You don't have to drown your potatoes in oil, just get a little pool going to fry them in.

I served this in a South-Western Style Breakfast wrap but you can also make it a dinner side. They're simple and unbelievably good. Don't cheat yourself by subbing in regular paprika. Get the good spanish smoked paprika. It's an AMAZING, complex flavor that can really stand alone. Check it out.

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