Friday, May 8, 2009

Leaving Fort Myers and Some Updates

Today we're on our way out of Fort Myers. Our flight to CA leaves from Tampa, so we're going over there for a night. I'm excited because Tampa has Grassroots, an organic vegan/vegetarian restaurant. After a week of NO vegan places to eat, or even vegan friendly omni-restaurants [[like literally, not one menu item]], this will be an exceptional treat. Frozen Amy's meals are great, and we made some delicious sandwiches with tofu grillers [[no seasoning required!]], but I'm ready for a change. More on Grassroots later.

We haven't been able to run at all here. It's too hot, too humid, and there's no track. But Andrew and I have been able to get some laps in at the pool. Andrew more than I-- I've never been much of a swimmer. Hopefully we'll be running again in CA.

Someone also left a comment about a week ago asking about our energy levels since we started the regiment. I'll post more about that later, but I just wanted to briefly mention it. Our energy levels are way higher. We're tired less, hungry less often, and our running has improved more rapidly. More on that later.

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