Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Luna Bar's New Recipe

When I went to the store the other day and saw that my beloved white chocolate macadamia luna bar had not only new packaging but a new recipe -- I was concerned. I eat this bar, in this flavor, every morning for breakfast. I was worried it may suck.

The new recipe seems even better. It's much softer than the original bar, which sometimes got a little hard. If you haven't tried this flavor, or any line of clif bar [[clif, luna, mojo, lumbar]], I highly recommend it. They give amazing sustained energy for working out, and they don't taste like a chalky energy bar. It's a regiment staple.


kd said...

I completely disagree! I am so frustrated they changed the recipe! You will note, this ONCE AGAIN REDUCES THE AMOUNT OF PROTEIN AND INCREASES THE SUGAR. They are making a nutrition bar into a candy bar!

Unknown said...

KD - I didn't even notice! They really reduced the protein??

Well, I'm a vegetarian, and... said...

i know this is kind of late:

but i just discovered this recently, and i wanted to express my frustration, too. there's more sugar and fat, less protein, and most of the vitamins and minerals have been significantly decreased. really mad.