Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So You Hate Wal-Mart?

Today seems to be an all Wal-Mart kind of day. Andrew had a gig with some Wal-Mart managers this morning, and I found an interesting article about Wal-Mart.

Now, I know a lot of people have beef with them. I'm not sure why still, but I like them. They employ a lot of people, offer stuff cheaply, and they let people have babies there [[well, they did in a movie once]].

Now on top of that, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce [[WMC]] gave Wal-Mart a first place "Business Friend of the Environment" Award. According to the article,
"WMC’s judges recognized Wal-Mart for new energy-saving store designs for the giant retailer’s Wisconsin-based Supercenter stores, according to a WMC spokesperson. The Supercenter stores include patented waste-recycling systems, LED and computer-controlled lighting systems and water-saving technologies.

Nelson said Wal-Mart’s corporate sustainability goals are to use 100 percent renewable energy, produce zero net waste and sell products that sustain the nation’s resources and environment."
It's exciting to see businesses become more aware and environmentally conscious, even if it is for financial benefit-- especially when you see big businesses try to make a difference. So... go Wal-Mart!

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Ashley said...

I think we all need to work with walmart, not against it. I'd like it if their policies were better, of course... but this green award goes to show that WM is capable of change under the right pressure. Plus, who can argue with those prices?