Thursday, June 18, 2009

PETA Upset Over Fly Swatting Incident

If you have twitter, you've probably noticed the new "PETA" trending topic. The animal rights group is apparently angered because President Obama swatted a fly out of his face on television [[watch video here]]. People have mixed reactions; from disgust "I can't believe that PETA is on about Obama's fly killing crap...", to humor "PETA That fly had a micro-chip implanted and was on a spy mission from North Korea! Bravo Obama!". I like the spy mission theory.

Their expectations really confuse me. They get on the president because he swats a fly -- who was invading his space -- but when he gets cheese burgers with the vice president -- a ground up, innocent cow -- they turn the other cheek. I appreciate their efforts to bring to light this issue that most people don't think of; however, after reading some of the trending topic conversation, it seems to alienate people more.

Nevertheless, I hope the president puts to use this new fly catching contraption, the Katcha Bug, to safely release flies [[although I don't know how easy it is to bust out during an interview]] and helps people become more compassionate towards even the smallest of life forms.

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Andrew Warner said...

Reading that trending topic is bothersome.

People are cruel and have little respect for life - whether that be human, animal, or insect.

PETA isn't even protesting. They merely sent Obama a device that helps him get rid of bugs without having to kill.

The outrage over PETA's "outrage" is silly.

Why do humans always think it's stupid when people point out there's ways to live your life and not kill every being that bothers you?