Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Know Weiners Better Than Dirty Frank....

... well, vegan dogs at least. I wanted to create some hot dogs that you will probably never find as a vegan, or a meat eater. I hate the cheeky naming of food, but it seems to be hot dog culture so, I give you "The Reubenio" and "The Gambit". "The Reubenio" is a Mexican-styled, Reuben fusion dog topped with a Mexican thousand island dressing, sauerkraut, chopped red onion, and avocado slices. "The Gambit" is a southern, creole dog with cornmeal crusted onions fried in vegetable oil with a creole cream sauce.

I hate soggy, crappy buns so I got some fluffy, thick whole wheat buns and toasted them slightly. We also bought some chipotle dogs from Whole Foods. They aren't rubbery at all like other vegan dogs. They were hardy and when cooked right, get a delicious crispiness on the outside.

There's nothing like some fried onions and a spicy, creamy sauce. It just feels so southern. For the onion rings, I battered and fried the onions just like my fried green tomatoes. The creamy sauce was just the sauce from my creole pasta.

Please excuse how phallic this dog looks. I tried my best to photograph it in the best possible way possible. This also has a bit of a kick-- it's like a crunchy hot dog burrito sandwich of doom. For the Mexican thousand island, I mixed up 1 tbs. vegenaise and ketchup, a squirt of lemon, about 6 pickled jalapenos chopped, a dash of cholula seasoning, and 1 clove garlic. I topped it with sauerkraut, chopped red onions, and avocado slices.


Anonymous said...

That looks amazing! You've got lovely photography over here.

As for budgeting, maybe try making your own fake meats. It seems like it'll save you a load of money. Try our seitan recipe:

Anonymous said...

Your homemade dogs look loads better than anything from a restaurant!! Yum!
Peace, Stephanie

Unknown said...


Thanks so much! Next time I want to try to make the actual dog myself. I don't have much experience in veggie burgers/dogs though.

evolution said...

Looks awesome! Were those the lightlife chipotle? Been looking for tofurky chipotle franks but have not found them.

Thanks for the review of Dirty Frank's too! Nothing wrong with a coctail and a vegan dog.

Have you ever tried Rad Dog? Its on my list of places to go in Columbus.

Unknown said...


Thanks! Those were actually made by field roast. They're a Vital Wheat Gluten based dog. Really good. :)

I haven't tried Rad Dog yet. I don't really get downtown during lunch hours, but I've been meaning to go!

evolution said...

ooh, field roast! yes, they are good. I try to avoid soy protien isolate so those are good. I keep forgetting that the WF in Dublin keeps them in the freezer so I don't pick any up.

Jennies said...

Have you thought of trying to make gluten-free seitan recipes. There are a number posted at