Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Go South Florida!

``A generation ago, it was quite unusual,'' said Dr. Neal Barnard, founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which advocates for vegan and low-fat vegetarian school lunches. ``Nowadays, kids do it for political reasons, environmental reasons, animal rights reasons.'' [[full article]]

I always wondered what the vegans in my high school ate for lunch. I know the vegetarians probably just ate candy, chips, and pizza [[so healthy, right?]]. But I did know a few vegans growing up-- and there was nothing for them. Not even a vegan salad dressing. So, it's really refreshing to hear about schools in South Florida, and not just college campuses, offering vegetarian AND vegan options. They recognize the switch in the way youth thinks, and they're feeding that demand.

Some of the veg*n options they offer:
* indicates vegan meal

Salad with sunflower seeds *

Gardenburger *

Cheese pizza

Black beans and rice *

Red beans and rice *

Egg salad on wheat bun

Grilled cheese sandwich

Some vegetarian and vegan offerings in Miami-Dade public schools:

Hummus and veggie platter *

Veggie chik tenders *

Vegan patties *

PBJ sandwich *

Rice and beans *

Cheese pizza

I don't have a kid, otherwise I'd probably try to push this. But if you do and you're veg*n, I would try to get more options in your child's school! It's possible-- they'll respond if a need is expressed. So, go do it!

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