Monday, April 12, 2010

Starbucks SOY Frappuccino

Coming next week, Columbus, OH will have vegan frappuccinos.

I was informed by my friendly, neighborhood Starbucks barista that their frappuccinos will no longer be made with the cream based mix and can now be made with soy. She says they are even better. And although you still can't have the caramel frapps (caramel sauce is cream/butter based) or the whipped cream, you CAN have the mocha frapps or any other flavor of frapp you can think of.

The plus side of the vegan frapps: they're not all that bad for you. Since they're mostly ice, and you can't eat the whipped cream, a tall coffee frapp is only 125 calories.

It's not all stores, though. And the only one I can absolutely confirm in Columbus is the store on Henderson Rd. You may want to check with your local starbucks to find out.


Keri - I Eat Trees said...

So awesome! My mom has a store that includes a Starbucks and when she got the notice they were switching she had to call and tell me! :)

Michal said...

Woooo! Now we need to get them in boardman and niles.

Roxanne Anderson said...

the caramel sauce isn't vegan, but the caramel syrup is!! So you can still have a vegan caramel frappuccinos!!

Anonymous said...

This is the highlight of my week. Maybe month. Maybe 2010 altogether. Can't wait to see if the one on Fifth Ave. has this yet.

I worked at Starbucks about 7 years ago and Caramel Frapps quickly became my favorite. Even without the whip & caramel topping they're still heavenly!