Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crispy Gardein Sandwich

gardein sandwich
Delicious and beautiful

I've been eating at home a lot and cooking AND taking photos. The posting part has just escaped me lately.

This sandwich is amazingly easy and quite delicious. It's also sort of elegant looking with the flat bun and fresh spinach. It's almost like a flat bread sandwich, which if you ever eat out or watch tv - you know it is so hip right now.

Whole Foods carries these really great 100 calorie buns; and if I were a better blogger, I'd have the name of said buns for you. They are vegan, which can be tricky with buns - especially the whole wheat variety (the secret ingredient is honey!). But I guess you can assume that they are since I'm talking about them.

I used the gardein crispy tenders (or whatever fancy name they call them) - seasoned with chipotle, onion, and garlic powder; and cooked per package instructions. Then, during the last 2 minutes of cooking, I sprinkled some mozzarella flavored daiya on top, cranked up the broiler, and let them melt. If you hate daiya, any vegan cheese will work.

To assemble the sandwich: I took the bottom bun, slabbed on what we call "fancy sauce"* (Step Brothers, anyone?), topped it with the gardein, then spinach, then top bun with more fancy sauce.

You can get all of these ingredients at Whole Foods (at least in Columbus).

*Fancy sauce: It's not really fancy, but it's funny to call our made-up sauce that. It's just 2 tbs vegenaise, 1 tbs ketchup, a few shakes of hot sauce (I like to use Skyline's hot sauce), and a dash of chipotle powder. You whisk it together really well and keep it refrigerated.


Keri - I Eat Trees said...

Haha, love the fancy sauce. I'm a big fan of those tenders, and I'm always begging my dad to pick up the giant bags at Costco (we don't have one) before he visits because they're so cheap that way.

Andrew Warner said...

this is good.