Monday, September 19, 2011

I made quesadillas and all I have to show for it is a blurry iPhone photo

Make no mistake about it, I am not the master chef that Tracy is. I can follow a recipe. Kind of. But cooking off the top of my head, in any type of freestyle situation, is way beyond me.

But Tracy challenged me to make a quesadilla instead of going to the outside world and picking up some junk food.

So that's exactly what I did.

I know it's still junk food, but it was MY junk food.

There's no recipe per se. A recipe for a quesadilla, even for a pure, clueless amateur like myself, is over the top. Just kidding. I needed a recipe:

-Put a teaspoon of butter in a medium-heat pan and let it melt. Swirl it around.
-lay down your flour tortilla and get your Daiya cheese on it immediately.
-(optional)chop up some prepared Gardein and put it on top of the cheese
-cover the pan and let the cheese melt
-Put the top tortilla on and flip the quesadilla
-Don't leave the 2nd side on too long.
-BAM! Eat that stuff.

I do have a few tips for the complete novice though.

1) a little bit of butter in the pan goes a long way. Don't soak it though because then your finished product ends up greasy. If you like that sort of thing, go for it though.

2) Once your pan heats up, flour tortillas burn fast. Especially after you flip to the 2nd side and there's not as much butter in the pan. Peel it up with a spatula quickly and make sure it doesn't burn. I burned one pretty bad and it still tasted good.

3) Gardein breaded chicken and Daiya's Pepperjack style cheese are the bomb. So make your quesadilla with those things and you can't go wrong. Tracy's cilantro-lime sour cream doesn't hurt either.

4) Apply the hot sauce of your choice if you like that sort of thing. I sure do.

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