Monday, January 5, 2009

New Vegan Restaurant: On the Fly

Just down the street from where Andy and I work, there's a little place called Dragonfly. It's one of the few five star restaurants in Columbus, and the only five star vegan restaurant. And as it's incredibly delicious, Andy and I have only made it over there twice-- once for my birthday and once for his-- due to how pricey it is. It's a really unique place in that, not only is it one of the few vegan places in Columbus [[let alone, five star]], but it also avoids trying to imitate dairy and meat [[no fake meats or cheeses]]. At least that's what they told us when we inquired about the "neo-v" title in front of the restaurant, which is short for "Neo Vegan". It's a nice philosophy-- because all too often we try to recreate what we once had in our diet, instead of embracing all the possibilities of our new diet. What's also neat about their menu is that it changes with the season-- they grow their own produce and as the seasons change, so does their menu.

The coolest part of Dragonfly, though, is that on January 1st of 2009 they opened a small deli-style restaurant for eating in and take-out. Everything there is around 10 dollars [[according to what I've read]], extremely affordable as compared to their mother restaurant, and it's all vegan. They're located at 249 King Avenue and are open 10 a.m.-3 p.m. and 5-7 p.m., Tuesday-Saturday. Since Andy and I have been on vacation, and On the Fly isn't open today-- we'll have to get lunch there tomorrow. I'm pretty stoked out of the my mind for this, though, so I had to write a pre-blog to curb my excitement. More to come.

For horribly written info by an annoying meat-eater, go here.


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