Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 1

Breakfast: Clif Bar; decaf organic green tea[[several cups daily]]
Lunch: [[All produce organic]] Spinach and Arugula Salad; with spicy sprouts, micro greens, shredded beets, chopped red onion, chopped tomato, chopped avocado, pepper; Seeds of Change Roasted Red Pepper organic dressing; 1 whole wheat pita with red pepper hummus; Water.
Dinner: Organic long grain brown rice with organic black beans, sauteed organic red onions, and sriracha; Water.

For the VERY best in organic produce selection, go to the Clintonville Community Market. I'm never disappointed. It's what I always wished Whole Foods was.

The regiment began yesterday and went very well. Andrew and I used to eat out for almost every meal-- EVERY lunch and most dinners. Months ago Andrew tried replacing his lunches with green smoothies from Whole Foods, but they stopped offering vegetable smoothies. He would put 3 carrots, hands full of spinach, 1-2 beets, garlic, and some fruit juice all into one strange little smoothie. He loved them. I never quite got on that bandwagon. But when Whole Foods quit, we just went back to eating chinese food and chipotle.

The worst part about how we used to eat is that we had no control. We couldn't choose organic; we probably ate days worth of sodium in one sitting; and what seemed healthy, probably wasn't. It's a nice feeling now, to be in control. I know what I am eating.

The hardest part has been cutting sugar and caffeine out. Andrew spent most of yesterday with a terrible headache, which led us to missing kung fu and taking a two hour nap. BUT, the caffeine withdraws will pass, and soon we'll just feel awesome. And while I'm not sure yet, Andrew wants to cut out all white/all-purpose flours, white/refined sugars, and white rice. I understand-- they ARE empty calories. However, most of that has already been cut out, because I've stopped baking.

What's good to know is that, 1. I can manage to cook lunch and dinner for two every day, and 2. It still tastes awesome. [[Try that salad. It's delicious.]]

More to come.

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Ashley said...

Your salad does sound totally delicious. Good work!