Thursday, March 19, 2009

Garlic Avocado Sandwich, Day 3

Breakfast: 1/3 cup Ezekiel Golden Flax cereal with organic blueberries and 1/3 cup vanilla rice milk; organic decaf green tea
Snack: Clif Bar; organic decaf green tea
Lunch: [[all organic again]] Garlic Avocado Sandwich with Spanish Salad; thinly sliced marinated tofu, garlic avocado spread, tomato, chopped red onions on Ezekiel bread; water
Snack: Clif Bar; Carrot Orange juice
Dinner: [[all organic ingredients]] Short grain brown rice with black beans and sriracha; water

[[Garlic Avocado Sandwich]]

This is a really light and delicious sandwich served cold.

- 1/4 cup white cooking win
- 1 teaspoon garlic
- some oregano, marjoram, salt, pepper
- 2 teaspoons Bragg's liquid aminos
- 1/4 block of refrigerated tofu, cut into 1/4 inch slices

** Adapted from Vcon: Marinate all ingredients in a shallow dish for 30-40 minutes. Heat oven to 400 F, cook for 20 minutes. Turn the broiler on low and heat an extra 3 minutes, flipping it over. Allow to cool.

For one sandwich:
- 2 slices of marinated tofu
- 1/2 avocado, spashed mixed with 1/4 teaspoon garlic
- 2 slices of tomato
- 1 tablespoon chopped red onion
- 2 slices Ezekiel sprouted grain bread [[or any whole wheat, multi-grain bread]]
- 1/2 recipe of smokey cheddar

** Toast bread. Spread garlic avocado, add two slices of tomato, two strips of tofu, top with onions and cheese. If you refrigerate over night, I recommend keeping the cheesy sauce out, reheating it slightly, and applying it the next day. :)

I was surfing blogs last night in between cooking dinner and lunch for the next day [[as you can see, I was feeling lazy because I just made brown rice and beans-- with help too]], and I came across a new cookbook! Chef Bryant Terry [[from Oakland, CA-- rock throwing distance to Berkeley. Regional home town pride??]] has a cookbook called "Vegan Soul Kitchen", which I'm so excited to check out. From this teaser article it sounds so good. Garlic corn bread croutons? Something so simple and amazing like that makes want to bonk my head and say "duh". Definitely considering making the Tomato bisque from Candle Cafe's cookbook with those croutons. Mmm.....

I'm also working on posting some recipes I altered before the regiment that I haven't gotten around to. I veganized more Mesa Grill Recipes-- Flay's signature 16 spice rub, on tofu! Also, with a mushroom sauce over wild rice with some cilantro oil. Hopefully I get some of that posted tonight!

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