Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Betty's Columbus: a Review

Betty's is a hip a little bar and restaurant in the Short North complete with classic pin-up girl photos galore and some diner-inspired, sparkle-y menus. Last night we took the crew out -- including me, Andrew, and our camera guy, Adrian -- and had a little meeting to make plans for future magic shoots and locations for his stunt [[watch our first video]].

As far as vegan selections go, they offer little heart shape symbols to show when an item can be made vegan* [[thanks to Andrew's suggestion]]. It's great to be able to go to a place and just say, "Make it vegan," and the cook knows. The only item that was regiment approved was the veggie melt. Don't the let the title deceive you. The veggie melt made vegan is simply roasted vegetables on whole wheat bread-- the hardiest, most delicious whole wheal bread ever might I add. If you get it, request black bean hummus on it-- you'll need some moisture sans the cheese and pesto mayo and it's pretty delicious, too.

Other vegan options include some veggie/olive oil pastas, a burrito, other sandwiches, some soups [[that sounded amazing]], and many salads. Sorry I don't have any pictures, the lighting was terrible and not really a tripod set-up situation. Definitely check it out.

*The online menu seems to not be as accurate, but I assure you the one inside the restaurant has vegan notations.


Ashley said...

You should try Tip Top. Same owners, but a bit of a different menu that I found to be even vegan-friendlier.

Unknown said...

I hear good things about it. Next time :)