Monday, September 21, 2009

The SlimCado: Lite!

There's a reason why avocados taste so good. Well, Haas avocados.

SlimCados are a naturally occurring, naturally "lite-r" variety of your standard Haas avocado, which also happen to be naturally less delicious. I don't know why Brooks Tropicals writes "light" like that, either. Stupid marketing ploys. [[more info here]]

I like the idea of these, especially since they're not GMO. But if I wanted 50% less fat and 35% less calories, I'd probably just pass on avocados all together. At about 30 grams per medium avocado, 15 grams doesn't seem all that better. Tofutti sour cream on my burrito and vegenaise on my sandwich would do me more good [[about 9 grams of fat per serving]]-- they're richer and more enjoyable. The SlimCado is just bland, mushy green stuff without all the fatty health benefits of an avocado. The texture is more of an overripen apple, crumbly and wet. It didn't have that smooth velvetiness you get with your standard avocado, making for some very strange looking guacamole.

Anyway, I just added some tofutti sour cream to my guacamole to make it richer. Operation SlimCado failed.


Morgan said...

thanks for letting me know before i wasted my money!!

i'm all about having a little bit of something not good for you instead of eating a "lite" alternative.

ps. when does andrew start his stunt?

caribbeanhottie said...

I love SlimCados. Great sliced on sandwiches. I chop em into salads. It's just a lighter tasting avocado.

Don't get too excited about avocado's 'good' fat, my doctor says you still have to eat in moderation. He says only 70 calories a day.

Unknown said...

Morgan -

Andrew postponed it for a bit. The doctors that were researching him backed out last minute so we're trying to find new ones. I'll let you know so you can come hang out!

Caribbeanhottie -

Maybe I'm just not used to them. I'd rather have a 1/4 of a haas avocado than half of a SlimCado though. :)