Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day 27: Brussels Sprouts!

Honestly, until this year, I've NEVER had brussels sprouts. They're one of those things that I think my parents even hated so we never got subjected to them. And I think my parents' were just so happy that I liked one green vegetable -- green beans -- that they bought cans of them by the crate. My older sister liked broccoli with cheese. Shelby, the youngest, still won't eat anything green.

Since having them at Mi Lah's in Philly, I've craved them. I like the nice crunch they get and they pair so well, like most green vegetables, with a little earth balance. One cup has about 3-5 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, and about 50 calories. Another score for veganism. Protein from a vegetable.

[[Spicy Brussels]]

one container of brussels sprouts
2 tbs earth balance
1 minced clove of garlic
1 tsp fine sea salt
a dash of pepper
cayenne pepper to taste, I used about a 1/2 tsp

-- Chop off the brown stems of the brussels sprouts, remove any loose, browned leaves and slice in half.
-- Heat butter and garlic in a skillet on medium heat until garlic is fragrant. Add the brussels, cut side down. Cook until crispy and golden. Add the larger ones first, then the smaller ones, since the smaller ones require less cooking time.
-- Flip over and cook the other side until crisped. Spinkle with salt, pepper, and cayenne.


veganf said...

Thank you for posting about brussels sprouts. I KNOW I'm gonna get some as always in our winter veggie share, so I'd better be prepared...everyone tries them but nobody likes them and I end up slogging through them all myself...I think a little spice might just do the trick...or at least I'll be enjoying my heaping portion more!

Unknown said...

Veganf -

I hate that no one likes them! They're probably my new favorite vegetable. haha

More for us! :)

Matt (Our Veggie Kitchen) said...

I just rediscovered Brussels Sprouts this year. My prior memory was of frozen, mushy balls of bleah. No wonder no one liked them. They are so good cooked simply like you did here. I bet the cayenne was a nice touch.

Kelly said...

I love brussels sprouts! Thanks for the new cooking idea; I've never made them spicy.

Jain said...

My mouth is watering over this photo!

Roasting is amazing, too! I just started doing something like this the past few months:

Enjoy your blog! I work in Dublin and live a bit up the road from there.