Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family Guy: "My Life Has No Meaning"

Brian, the dog from Family Guy, suffered a mini-crisis when he discovered that animal life has no meaning in a human-run world. He started an animal rights organization where he tried to get people to see that animal life has meaning [[much like PETA]] only to hear people say, "I want a cheese burger", "I wonder what a dog tastes like", "Let's eat him!!"

It's nice to see a show highlight something that frustrates me daily. Hearing someone say their love of bacon outweighs their love of animals really disgusts me-- and I think Family Guy made fun of it pretty well. They even had one douche bag guy say "They eat doggies!?" pointing out how silly it is when people hate pet cruelty more than other animal cruelty in general. I just wish the episode didn't end with Brian realizing his life has some kind of meaning as a house pet. Lost it's awesome cred. Keep an eye out for this episode if you haven't already seen it. It's hilarious and depressing all at once.

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