Monday, February 8, 2010

More Conscious Cook & Fasting

Hey all. We just got back from an amazing trip in Chicago, and now we're fasting. I have a lot of pictures and food spots to share. In the interest of not completely torturing myself, I'll just mention this really great recipe from The Conscious Cook. I made the cashew ravioli, and it is completely and utterly amazing. All the work and the time is totally worth it. So, if you want someone to bow to your feet in awe of your mad cooking skills or just worship the ground you walk on for the next couple days, make them this. It's so rich and creamy, and if you don't have a pasta roller [[like I don't]] just roll out the dough yourself. It takes a bit longer, but it works well. And if you roll out the dough, cut your circles with a wine glass top or something, and then roll out those circles ever more -- you get a really thin dough.


Unknown said...

Chicago is my favorite place in the whole world! Your ravioli looks divine!

Andrew Warner said...

This was perhaps the greatest dish I have ever tasted.