Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vegan Valentine's Day?

My favorite thing to do for special occasions is always the stay at home, cook something awesome, get drunk off red wine, and enjoy my night in. I'm a bit of a homebody that way, but sometimes you want to be a little more romantic or exciting and go out. I get that. That's why I give you a couple vegan-friendly things you can do in Ohio for your awesome, sexy significant other on Valentine's Day.

Dragonfly's Tantra Aphrodisiac Valentine's Dinner: This is more for your upscale, super romantic evening. It's $45 per person, plus more if you get the wine pairings. Andrew and I went to this last year, and the food was exceptional with a great, romantic atmosphere. Make sure you CALL AHEAD and make reservations. We saw a lot of unfortunates go out that night hoping to get a table, and they were waiting a long time! It's a busy night for Dragonfly.

Lattes & Love Songs @ Travonna Coffee House: If you want a more casual, fun night, head over to Travonna Coffee house! You can grab a soy latte, and enjoy some live romantic music, love poems, and free give-aways. Check out their facebook event page.

Broken Heart Prom @ Hal & Al's: So, if you're not laid back and you're not fancy, but you just want to party, get 5 bucks and head over to Hal & Al's for V-day. Grab a vegan dog and have the 80's prom you always wanted. Check out Vegan Columbus for all the info.

Aladdin's Four Course Meal for Two: If you're looking for a romantic evening on the cheap, you can get an amazing Lebanese and Mediterranean dinner for two at Aladdin's eatery in Grandview or in Clintonville for only $12. There's a preset menu, but don't fret-- there are plenty of vegan options, just tell them. They even have vegan desserts from a Cleveland-based bakery. Check out their facebook page.


Ashley said...

Great post! I checked out Hal & Al's the other week and it was great fun. Greasy bar food made vegan. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your site! Had no clue it existed (found it thru Columbus Underground.)

I had dinner @ Dragonfly for the first time last night and while it was yummy, I was secretly computing in my head how many Dirty Franks vegan brats I could have gotten instead. Way overpriced and not worth it, IMO.

Nothing but total love for Hal & Al's, Dirty Franks, and Aladdin's though!

I love connecting with other local vegans, if you're on Twitter ( or Facebook ( please look me up. :)