Friday, May 14, 2010

Vegan Pizza by the Slice!

Good news, guys. This weekend at all Z Pizza locations you can get vegan pizza with Daiya cheese by the SLICE. A simple luxury most of us have forgotten. More info via the PPK (thanks again, Jim!):

"This weekend we will be testing vegan pizza by the slice. Stop in between now and Sunday to try some of our pizzas made with Daiya cheese instead of mozzarella. This is just a test to see how they sell, so if you would like to have this option all the time be sure to stop in and buy a slice or at least send us a message via twitter @zpizzaSN to let us know."

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Unknown said...

If any of you went and tried to get a vegan slice, I apologize. Short North Z Pizza decided to just not do this nation-wide promo. :(