Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Macbeth Ambassador: Hunter Burgan

"Hunter Burgan of AFI and Hunter's Revenge has been named "Vegan Ambassador" for Macbeth Footwear. As Vegan Ambassador, Burgan will be the official spokesperson of all things vegan at Macbeth. This includes hosting a new vegan blog to helping with design, and everything in between.In addition to Burgan's ambassadorial duties, he and Macbeth are releasing their second vegan Studio Project, a vegan high top called, 'The Hunter.'" [[PunkNews]]

A comment post referring to the new vegan high top called "The Hunter":

"Oh, I get it now. It's supposed to be ironic or something. Marketing research indicates that the 13-19 demographic responds well to thinly veiled irony."


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