Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Restaurant Review: On the Fly

The restaurant itself is very small and quaint -- pale yellow walls, chalk-written menus, little bistro-esque tables, giant hand-painted jugs weighing down local newspapers, and some chic, Spanish-inspired jazz. The man behind the counter, much like Dragonfly, goes through the menu and gives us a run through of what everything is-- he tells the soup of the day, the types of empanadas they are serving, and what exactly to expect when you order something. He's very knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions.

The menu is still young, but they have a great selection. Since we were hungry, and it was all so cheap, we went ahead and bought most of the menu [[it's a 6 item menu, plus some pastries and chips]]-- we hope to try the rest today. We got sushi rolls with tofu-- by far the best thing we ordered. It had this crispy glaze on the outside, which made it more like a hand roll. They used brown rice, instead of the white, sticky rice, which I really enjoyed. It's so much better for you, and fills me up longer. We also purchased the potato and bean empanada. I really enjoyed the crust, it was perfectly flaky and buttery. The inside wasn't thrilling-- just potatoes and beans in a sweet tomato sauce. They did offer a hot sauce. It wasn't spicy at all, though it did add some flavor. I don't think I'd order the potato and bean empanada, again. Andy ordered a cheese steak -- mushrooms with a cheese sauce on a crispy, roll bread. It's really delicious at first, but I think Andy accurately said-- after a while, you just taste mushrooms [[I had it once before at Dragonfly]]. I ordered their chili with home-made sour cream and a side of sweet cornbread. I found that really enjoyable-- although, when I make chili/soup, it's much spicier. That would be my only problem with the chili. The cornbread was sweet and delicious, and I found the sour cream to be unnecessary with how not spicy it was-- but very good still.

I'm excited to go again-- I like the restaurant itself, and our experience with the employees there have been great so far. Next time, we're going to try their salad and their falafel. And probably more sushi. :]


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Ashley said...

I'm a Columbus veg*an too, and I live near OTF. I have to stop myself from going all the time. I suppose I miss the convenience of my omni life, the going into a place and just ordering whatever looks good.