Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Since I just did a blog on Jackfruit Enchiladas, I thought I'd dedicate a blog to fun facts about jackfruit.

I like fun facts [[and boring facts, too]], and I felt like sharing some with you.

* Jackfruit is the national fruit of Bangladesh AND Indonesia
* It's the largest tree fruit in the world-- 10" in diameter!
* It's suspected that it is an ingredient in Juicy Fruit Gum
* Vitamin Water has a jackfruit drink!
* It has some cancer fighting agents in it, but what doesn't either prevent cancer or cause cancer these days?
* The young fruit had a much milder flavor than the ripened fruit
* The jackfruit tree bears it's fruit three years after planting

That's all I got so far. Enjoy! Try it, it's delicious!

[[image from http://www.tastesofkerala.com/blog/]]


Anish said...


It's a very interesting POST. I wanted to know if any packaged Jack fruit Drink exists in this world? Just in case you have any idea.


Unknown said...


I've ever seen a pure jackfruit drink. There is a vitamin water with jackfruit in it, I know that. But if you wanted to find out if a pure jackfruit drink exists, I'd go out to some local Asian markets in your area. See if they have any, and maybe ask them if they've heard of it. Good luck!