Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fast & Furious, and Some Reg Stuff

I've slacked on the regiment posting. Yesterday I made a chipotle rubbed seitan sandwich from the Candle Cafe's cookbook. Amazing as usual. I'm pretty freaking obsessed with it. You should really check it out. Also, I was going to buy Vegan Soul Kitchen- it sounded sick as heck but as I flipped through at the book store, I just kept thinking "I will never make this". I think the only thing I was stoked about was the garlic cornbread croutons. So there's that.

Andrew had his usual breakfast and dinner was just some Amy's burgers. We went out so I wasn't feeling cooking. Last night we saw Fast & Furious. One part of the movie, they were listing off possible cars that could belong to David Park [[some guy they were looking for]], and the woman said "hybrid" and his response was "HELL no". That bummed me out. I mean I get it-- hybrids are really what you think of when you think "fast cars". It just made me think of veganism and how there seems to be no room for vegan food in high end cuisine to some people. I wonder when people will start caring. . .

Tonight, Andrew has a private gig and I'm at home sort of twiddling my thumbs. We only have one car, plus I'm all sore from our run this morning and feel like sitting around and blogging I guess. Inevitably that gets me thinking, and I start to wonder what I can do to better myself [[especially with Andrew out there making it happen]]. I left Berkeley about 9 months ago, and I haven't gone back to school mostly because I have no clue what to do with myself. Culinary schools are limited to locations I don't really want to be or am able afford [[ie - NYC]]. And going back to a four year school seems fruitless. More money out the window. I would love to open a restaurant at some point, but building capital is a big deal. I guess all I can really do is go back into the kitchen and create some more, until the time comes when I am no longer a receptionist, but something I truly want to be.


Ashley said...

So... I signed up for the April meetup.

Not sure if I'll go or cancel my RSVP, but it's a potluck and a movie for $2... so, might not be bad. Taking my man friend as a crutch.

I'll let you know how it goes, if it goes.

Ashley said...

Also, regarding: "I would love to open a restaurant at some point, but building capital is a big deal."

Please, find the capital, open the restaurant, and employ me!