Friday, April 3, 2009

Chipotle Ranch Spicy Tempeh Spinach Salad

As promised, I said I would post about the most delicious salad ever. If you haven't checked it out, you should get Candle Cafe's cookbook. The recipes are a snap and they have such utility. This chipotle ranch-- I've already used it 3 times. Once in a Vegan Gyro, based off of Vegan Dad's recipe [[I subbed in the chipotle ranch for the Tatziki sauce]]. Once in this sick ass salad. And once in another recipe from Candle Cafe for a chipotle-rubbed seitan sandwich. It's pretty out of this world. I just made a few alterations, pretty much because I didn't have it haha. I used lime juice instead of lemon. I also couldn't find pure chipotle peppers, I only had them in adobo sauce, so I just rinsed it off and used it in the sauce-- I know, kind of ghetto rigged but it works!

But this salad, I tell you, was delicious. If you have Vcon, which I'm sure most of you do, make the spicy tempeh from the Spicy Tempeh with broccoli raab recipe, put it over a bunch of spinach and cover it in some chipotle ranch. It's a really thick, creamy dressing, so I covered it with a lid and shook it up so it got nice and blended. It's a really great salad. Easy to make. Healthy. Give it try.

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