Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vegan Pot Pie - My Other Comfort Food

Candle Cafe's cookbook has stolen my heart. I love every freaking recipe I try, and I want to try them all. If you haven't bought it-- BUY IT.

Their pot pie was TREMENDOUSLY easy. And it's a pot pie, so you just put whatever in it-- I added more peas, because they're my fav. I used mushrooms because they're delicious. I didn't have sweet potatoes or russets so I just used red potatoes. The rest was celery, carrots, the usual.

The sauce was so good, and not too bad for you, like a traditional pot pie. A little white wine, a little soy milk, a little soy margarine. Delicious!

I didn't have tarragon, so I thought I'd just use cumin instead. haha I know they're like nothing alike, but hey-- I like cumin. [[no pun intended]] It tasted good too.

The Reg is anti-white flour, so I used all whole wheat pastry flour for the crust. And it turned out perfect! I was worried it wouldn't be light and fluffy, because of the decreased protein in the whole wheat pastry flour, but it was a great, crispy crust.

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Ashley said...

I'm making pot pies for the easter events I'm going to this weekend! This is great inspiration. And it sounds like a lovely cure for the crappy weather we're having.