Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Regiment: a Review

I haven't been as good about posting the food we've been eating mostly because I think it's boring. But here's some quick info.

Some things I might add, I'm trying not to eat those damn clif bars so much. Well, I eat the chick kind-- Luna bars. But I've been eating oatmeal or fruit or nuts for snacks/breakfast.

This weekend was so hectic. He had two gigs -- we ditched out on pottery Saturday because we were up so late Friday night. We had a run Saturday, and he went to his gig [[a private party]]. Then, the Fairview Tavern Sunday night -- long drive, but it was a lot of fun and it went stupendously.

As far as food goes, I made that amazing tempeh salad again on Saturday. Sunday I made some Chinese food that I'll post about at a later date.

Other than that.. Andrews running longer, losing weight, feeling better -- read up on his updates.

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