Saturday, May 2, 2009

Big Changes

The regiment has always been about getting healthy. But weight-loss is the shit, too, so I mention it. Andrew has lost an astounding 10-15 pounds and as I've mentioned, I lost about 8. It's amazing too because we kind of still eat a lot. It's just better food with exercise and BANG! We're losing weight and feeling better.

Last night I made some modified Tempeh Reubens from VwaV. I used Ezekiel bread because unfortunately, Rye bread has white flour in it. I didn't butter it and grill it, I just toasted it. I still had sour kraut, the thousand island dressing, avocado, and tempeh. And luckily, it was still reuben-y and delicious.

In a couple days, we're about to go on a two week vacation. First week is with Andrew's family in Florida and the second week is in California with my family. We're mainly concerned about not finding good tracks to run on and trying to cook still in NOT well stocked kitchens. It's easy for me to make ANYthing these days. I have all the essentials. But when we go, there won't be a large stock of nutritional yeast and liquid aminos and whole wheat flour. That will be a big challenge. And in my home town, the high schools and elementary schools only have gravel tracks [[I know!]] and running on sidewalk is not something either of us are interested in. Andrew did it a few days ago and it put him on resting mode for four days because it jacked up his legs so bad. So, traveling presents a few challenges for us. It won't be as bad as our greyhound trip, but it will be rough. Stay tuned.

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Morgan said...

how do you feel about running on grass? and i'm interested to hear if you've noticed a shift in your energy levels or overall mood since the regiment began.