Monday, June 8, 2009

Don't Let Them Scare You

I wanted to do a quick bit on this vegan/vegetarian guide on MedicineNet. I think this is the discourse of many omnivores. They try to scare you and tell you what you're doing is unhealthy. I often fall prey, as a lover of science, to these studies about nutrient absorption and lots of planning.

You DON'T have to do any more planning than a meat eater. Most meat eaters are overweight morons who should pay attention MORE [[based one my own experiences, I'm sure there are plenty of heath nut meat eaters]]. If you eat your vegetables and your proteins [[beans and tofu]] -- you will be fine. Take a supplement or two [[like everyone should]] and exercise often. You'll be fine.

NOW, if you eat french fries and iceberg lettuce all day, you'll run into some problems. I hope you all know better than that by now. :)

I just wanted to give a little pep to talk to everyone. Don't worry about this hullabaloo saying when to eat a grain with a protein or whatever -- there have been many vegans and vegetarians throughout history who have done just fine and lived long healthy lives. Remember that.

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Morgan said...

Please tell that to my mother. Every time I get a headache she thinks it's because I'm missing vitamin B12 (which I'm not by the way, I take a supplement. I'd bet my level is higher than hers...).