Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Raising the Bar: More Crazy Vegans

I'd like to say seeing vegan characters on TV shows makes me happy, but it just doesn't. They're always wackos, like the vegan chick from True Blood-- a psycho vamp killer, now dead-- or the Hockey mom from last night's Season 2 premier of Raising the Bar [[P.S. Did you see Mark-Paul Gosselaar on Jimmy Fallon?]].

She's a crazy, "organic-lovin', vegan" lady who sues this nice frumpy, fat lady for "punching her with a hot dog". The show is geared towards the little man, so we all feel so bad for the poor, frumpy lady who can't make bail, and we hate the evil, vegan bitch who needs to let it go. I'm not saying getting punched with a hot dog is sue-worthy. I'd be angry as heck, but I don't think I'd sue a fellow soccer mom. The point is-- they made vegans look ridiculous and crazy once more.

Why can't the vegan be the little guy? And why do they have to be wackos? Are people that threatened by progression and change that writers feel compelled to make vegans the evil villains in their stories?

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Morgan said...

I've definitely found myself the subject of intense scrutiny by my classmates. Surrounded by insecure twenty-somethings who binge on greasy pizza, a plate of veggies draws attention. They'll admit they're jealous of someone with the "willpower to resist" drunk food.

We know Americans are addicted to fast food and animal fat. They don't sympathize with vegans because they can't sympathize with someone who lives by a completely different value system than they have.

Also, many people generalize vegans as all siding with PETA's crazy antics. They don't love us because they think we're going to throw paint on their leather purses.

And I must admit...I am pretty crazy...