Monday, June 15, 2009

Tempeh Bacon

Hey guys, thanks for being patient with the blog template changes. I think I have it under control now, hopefully there won't be any more parsing errors.

I couldn't get mine as thin as hers, but they were perfect.

I wanted to do a quick post about this amazing tempeh bacon I tried. Kathy of "Healthy. Happy. Life." posted this recipe a few days ago, and I can only say amazing things about it. The sweetness of the maple syrup with heat of cayenne [[ She says to add a dash, I add a good tsp]] really creates an amazing complex flavor. I love how "mock greasy" it is. It's covered in a smoky sauce, which makes it feel greasy and unhealthy. I remember bacon being dripping with fat, not like these dry imitation, shards that you buy in the store. They're great for bacon bits, but when it comes to a BLT they just don't cut it. But these ones rocked. The sweet, smoky, greasy flavor completely satiates my cravings. For the "BBQ spice blend" I used minced garlic, onion powder, plus the other spices, and then used liquid smoke for the "smoky flavor". You can find liquid smoke at ANY grocery store. Just ask.


Babs said...

Those look very tempting!

If I do decide to do this Eco-Atkins thing, I'll have to find some sort of breakfast protein. A few of those with scrambled tofu might do the trick!

Morgan said...

LOVE the new template! :)

Unknown said...

Babs, do try them. They're awesome!

Thaaanks, Morgan!!

Babs said...

I think that they would be wonderful on a vegan BLT. Oh, yum!