Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me (I need your advice!)

To the left, compliments of a crappy camera phone, is my birthday cake from Pattycake, Columbus' own all vegan bakery. We frequently pick up their whole wheat peanut butter cookies or whole wheat oatmeal from Cup O Joe's, but this is our first experience with their cakes. It was excellent, moist, and well received by all. We even convinced a couple of the relatives to get in on the soy ice cream-- my dad wasn't fooled, though.

My birthday isn't actually until Thursday. The big 2-1! But since Andrew's parents are going out of town over my birthday, we celebrated it early. They finally got to meet my dad, too!

Sorry about the infrequent posting as of late. It's a once in a lifetime thing that my dad comes into Ohio. We usually go out to California to visit everyone. We've been eating out and stuff so there hasn't been too many opportunities to cook and take photos and all that. This Friday we're leaving for Philadelphia and NYC. We're checking out UFC 101 in Philly and then just kicking around in NYC. I hope I'll have some time to post, but it's not likely.

For now, I'm just curious if anyone has any recommendations. NYC has so many vegan places, it'd be impossible to hit them all in the short time we're there. We're definitely visiting Candle Cafe, but beyond that. . . And I have no clue what kind of restaurants you can find in Philly. Anyone have any favorites?


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

I just turned 21 in April!! WIshing you an early happy birthday :-)

If you have time, I recommend looking at the NYC recap posts that I did this past June on my blog; and tomorrow, actually, I'll be posting about the restaurants I went to while in NYC last week!!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

My other recommendations that aren't raw (this is why you need to check out my past NYC visit reviews, haha):

- Patsy's

- O'Neal's

- 'Snice

- Serendipity

And more!

Morgan said...

Happy belated birthday, Tracy!

Sorry I'm no help when it comes to NYC, as I haven't been. Have a blast. We will have to go out for drinks in German Village after I turn 21 in April.

Unknown said...

Oh you celebrated your birthday in vacations cool man!!!
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