Monday, November 16, 2009

Tiny Canary Indie Design Market

Sorry I've been gone-- first Andrew got sick, then I did. So it's been a long week of being sick at work or staying home in a coma all day. Sunday was our first real day out of the dungeon that had become our living room. We pried ourselves away from the hours of Left for Dead and Mad Men season 1 to go to the Tiny Canary Indie Design Market and it was awesome. Tons of people came from all over the country to showcase their awesome crafts, and Patty Cake was there with cookies and cupcakes and sticky buns.

I think people were pretty run down by the time we got there late in the afternoon the second day. It was funny. I like people that way. They don't really care what they say, and they don't try too hard to sell you on stuff. So you can peruse in peace. Here's some of the awesomeness we bought:


The first place we stopped at was this soap booth, Metropolis Soap Co. The owner isn't vegan, but she does hate working with animal fat [[because it's nasty, duh]] so all of her soaps and lip balms are 100% vegan! She claims she can't bake, so she makes soap. The owner didn't want to be in the photo, so I cut her head off. Like I said, everyone was tired. She's based out of Brooklyn, NY and has this sweet retro wrapping that's kitschy, which I know you vegans love, and funny. You can buy any of her soaps, lip balms and other products online.

Some awesome orange creme lip balm. It smells amazing!! They're five dollars each.

Some soaps. The Black Soap Horror has charcoal in it which is said to extract toxins from your pores. And the green one is a really nice smelling spearmint soap. More lips balms and a flier. I think the soaps were 6 dollars each.


This one is my absolute favorite. They are a brother and sister duo from Minneapolis, and they make these amazing necklaces with REAL, super tiny flowers in them. They are so beautifully hand crafted, you have to see them in person to really appreciate them. The only downside is that they are pretty pricey. This necklace, with a chain, came out to $74. But you get a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted necklace. I recommend clicking on this picture to see it up close and checking out the amazing selection on their website.


And finally something awesome and Columbus-based! Wholly Craft is that pink, handmade looking store on High St. I had never gone in there, but after seeing them at Tiny Canary I definitely want to make the trip over. They have these awesome comic book coasters, posters, and Columbus theme magnets. I saw these and had to get them. They're just so sick. The one on the left is Superman saving a boat or something. The one of the right is Wonder Woman leaping from planes. Check out Wholly Craft!


Tom Bailey said...

Great vegan food ideas. I am vegan (mostly) and I connected to you through another blog.

Megan said...

thanks so much for the blurb, it was great to meet you two! Enjoy the soaps!

(The Metropolis Girl)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Tom, Glad to hear.

Megan, you rock! Thanks for having so much awesome stuff.