Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Coats: Be Warm and Not Look Ridiculous

I get a giant F for posting in 2010. I realize this. I'm trying though.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some awesome winter coat ideas for vegans living in Columbus. It may seem easy, but I remember my first year living in Ohio as a vegan. I think I was in Macy's for hours with my mother-in-law looking at every single label on every single coat. It was madness. But this year I'm smarter, wiser, slightly more savvy. And I think I've discovered the best ways to get NICE looking winter coats. Not to knock on or the like, but their coats are ugly. [[I guess that's kind of knocking, but it's true!!]]

Case in point:Very drab and shapeless. $199.95

Ugly and expensive? Seems ridiculous. Therefore, I bring you my favorite places to get really cool, really cheap vegan jackets. It's f-ing cold out there, so this seems appropriate. I'm not posting links, since websites frequently update and in a few months they'll all be dead links. I just want to give you a sampling of all the awesome vegan coats you can find in various stores.


Forever 21:

You'd think every cheap store would use synthetic materials or cotton instead of wool just for cost purposes, but they don't. Places like Old Navy like to sneak in a little "10% wool" on you. Forever 21 does that too, but for the most part, you can find faux-leather jackets and non-wool pea coats that are really affordable.

100% Polyester, and really freaking cute pea coat trench. And at a whopping $37.80.

White faux leather jacket. $32.80

This cute little hooded number: only $32.80A black knit trench coat: vegan, chic and only $34.80


American Apparel:

This kind of seems like a "duh" but American Apparel has some really awesome HEAVY vegan coats for women and men. They have a lot of cool things like faux leather hoodies, but they aren't very warm so I won't post about them.

This unisex, 100% vegan coat is sherpa lined, heavy and great for Columbus winter. Andrew calls it his sherpa coat. A little pricier at $157.00

Unisex snow vest, 100% polyester, $50.00


Gap - for the men:

Gap is really good at getting cotton, non-wool items for the men. Not so much for the ladies though. There are a few thin, cropped trenches and a puffer coat for women, but their pea coats tend to be all wool blends. So here's a little info for guys about where to get good looking, cruelty-free stuff.

the barracuda jacket: cotton and polyester and really nice, only $79.50

100% cotton, camo and awesome. $98.00

All cotton and nylon, this carrignton twill coat is only $88.00


Anyway, this was just a brief vegan coat tour. If you have any other suggestions, by all means, share. I hope you all are staying warm in a cruelty-free way.


Anonymous said...

I found a great heavy vegan coat at aeropostale for $60! its a long, polyester-filled puffer coat with a hood...there is a creepy fake fur trim around the hood, but it is detachable!

Anonymous said...

i checked american eagles today. they have really chick and cute winter jacket in several colors. The price was $119.00 good for cold winter ...hope it helps

For kids Gymboree store - they never use down in their kids jackets. Justice also have cute warm winter jackets Both having sale at this time

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