Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pure Evil: The Best Sandwich Ever

I make two things fairly often: "cheesy" garlic bread and tofu scramble sandwiches. They are really simple and incredibly satisfying, which is probably why I make them so often. The other day, I got to thinking, these two dishes would go pretty well together. I could take two slices of "cheesy" garlic bread and make a tofu scramble sandwich!!!

I don't know if it's just me, but I get really excited when I realize I can make something extremely indulgent and delicious. I hate to call it unhealthy, because it is, but it isn't really that bad. Tofu, by most people's standards, is really good for you-- good protein, not too high in the calories. And a seedy, no preservative, whole wheat bread, always the best alternative to a white bread. And if you want something melty and awesome, vegan cheese is a much healthier alternative to real cheese. Plus, those fake bacon strips are like 20 calories.

I guess that's not the point, though. I wanted to make something that felt bad. But wasn't THAT bad. So, if you're feeling on the cusp of evil, try this.
Cheesy Garlic Tofu Scramble Sandwich
with Fake Bacon

  1. Prepare your tofu scramble first
  2. While preparing tofu scramble, fry your smart bacon in about 1 tablespoon olive oil until very crispy
  3. When completed 1 and 2, prepare your slices of cheesy garlic bread
  4. Remove cheesy garlic bread from broiler and assemble sandwich: one slice cheesy bread, two strips of smart bacon, about 1/3 cup tofu scramble, top with another slice of cheesy garlic bread.


Keri - I Eat Trees said...

Mmmm, wow- that looks dangerously amazing!

Michal said...

This looks so amazing! :) Thanks for sharing this!

Frances - Vegan Mainstream said...

Hi there,

Wow that recipe looks amazing, thank you!!

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Anonymous said...


gimme lean sausage (fry patties)
tofu scrambler patties (season to taste)
toffutti cheese slices

fry the first two up. add the cheese at the end while frying up your favorite bread in the pans grease. put it all between the bread and devour.

best breakfast sandwich of all-time

ps - fry the tofutti cheese every very briefly